Look Up! Leap Forward! Lift Others!
Look Up! Leap Forward! Lift Others!

Welcome to Churches With A Mission International

Churches With A Mission International Ministries is an organic missional community that raises the bar on discipleship and lowers the bar on membership. In fact, we'd like to see ourselves as missionaries from different churches coming together as one Community Network. 


The CWAM Life Transformation Group (LTG) MOVEMENT consist of Church With A Mission partners including Churches, mentors, community volunteers, financial supporters, friends, family members and Kingdom of God minded people who are willing to step outside of the four walls of their church to reach their community.


We believe that the church is not made of tar brick and wood but Spirit, soul and body created in the image of God. However, we must not forsake the assembling of ourselves. We believe that wherever we are...that is where the church is...if we are at work...the church is at work...If we are at school...the church is at school...wherever we are..that is where the church can assemble. 

As mentioned, our main focus with Churches With A Mission is to raise the bar of discipleship and lower the bar on membership. We do this through the Life Transformation Group (LTG) process and other biblically proven methodologies which involve one on one discipleship. 


We experience corporate discipleship during our larger Gatherings and personal discipleship in our weekly Life Groups and our daily LTG meetings. 

We believe there are three (3) processes that should occur for spiritual maturity in discipleship... 


  • LOOK UP! (Which involves the Great Commandment to Love God)
  • LEAP FORWARD! (Which involves the second greatest commandment)
  • LIFT OTHERS!  (Which involves the Great Commision)

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Churches With A Mission International Ministries

P.O. Box 14389

Houston, TX 77221


Phone: 713 819-2258


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Our Vision Statement in a Nutshell

"Our vision is to strategically reposition ourselves in order to allow the Holy Spirit to create 'Communitas' within the body of Christ through the renewal of the mind as each of us in turn reflect His transforming glory to one another through the reticulation of one-on-one discipleship. As a result, our Spirit-led goal, as transformational agents is to organically replicate His presence within urban, suburban and remote pockets of communities beginning within and without the  city of Houston,Texas...however the Spirit leads"  (Rom 12:2, Luke 4:18,  2Cor.3:17-18)


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