Look Up! Leap Forward! Lift Others!
Look Up! Leap Forward! Lift Others!

LIFT OTHERS- Fulfilling the Great Commission

Lift Others -The third and final phase of the CWAM Discipleship LTG process is to "Lift Others." The focus here is on the Great Commission. This involves embracing and proclaiming the Gospel message through our words and incarnational life-style.


Researchers are saying that the days of focusing merely on Church attendance and membership roles are doing very little to produce true Christ-followers; not to mention reaching the lost world around us. Our compassion outreach projects are great but what makes us any different from muslim or hindu groups who engage in the same kind of compassion efforts. Christians have to be more intentional in developing a deeper love relationship with Jesus as well as become incarnational by passionately engaging the "worlds" around them (their 3 spheres of influence- where they live, work and play). Filling up big buildings are no longer changing lives. 


Many observers are saying that having big meetings among ourselves is great but question whether we really are cultivating authentic christians or even impacting the lost world outside of ourselves.  


Authentic Christianity as well as Church growth involves both evangelism and "life transforming" (LTG) discipleship. Jesus did not say, "Go ye therefore and make church members." He said, "Go ye therefore and make disciples". The vision of DiscipleVangelism (a discipleship/evangelism paradigm of CWAM) is to develop missional minded disciples who fervently practice spiritual disciplines and have a clear vision/vision-path of his or her incarnational calling to impact their communities with the message and mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Missional minded Christians are making significant, measurable progress toward reproducing themselves and teaching others to do the same. 


Lift Others- Engaging community from the inside out- from the desolate to the disciple

Lifting Others

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Our Vision Statement in a Nutshell

"Our vision is to strategically reposition ourselves in order to allow the Holy Spirit to create 'Communitas' within the body of Christ through the renewal of the mind as each of us in turn reflect His transforming glory to one another through the reticulation of one-on-one discipleship. As a result, our Spirit-led goal, as transformational agents is to organically replicate His presence within urban, suburban and remote pockets of communities beginning within and without the  city of Houston,Texas...however the Spirit leads"  (Rom 12:2, Luke 4:18,  2Cor.3:17-18)


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